3D Printing Pakistan Products and Services

Currently we are dealing in following Services:1. 3D Printing Pakistan2. 3D Desinging/Modeling3. 3D Scanning4. 3D Printing Workshops/Trainings5. 3D Printing Consultancy/After-Sales/Repairing
And we are dealing in following Products:1. 3D Printers2. 3D Printer Filament3. 3D Printer Parts


3D Printing Pakistan

3D Printing or in other words Prototyping is an additive manufacturing process. Our services are very fast and reliable. We produce parts in PLA and ABS.

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    3D Designing

    We provide 3D Designing/Modeling surfaces in SolidWorks, Blender and ZBrush. THe designed files are always 3D Print-able. Source files can also be shared with clients on request.


    3D Printing Workshops

    We conduct 3D Printing workshops/trainings for Schools, Colleges, Universities and even companies for creating awareness about this newly emerging technology. Email us if you need this us to conduct a workshop.


    KHALQ:3D Printer

    Our high quality American-based Delta 3D Printer is available commercially. It is only being sold to Industrial, Educational and R&D institutes at present. Contact us for the printer specifications and getting a quote.


    3D Printer Filament

    With a vast variety of colors available for 3D Filament now you can print your parts in any color. We have a large stock available from ROYGBIV, black, white, even glow-in dark and flexible filaments.


    3D Printer Parts

    We also provide all kinds of 3D Printer parts for any kind of 3D printers locally or internationally available. We can even procure it, if its a certain part that can fix your problem.

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