A few words about us

The Mak3rs (Pvt.) Limited is a leading company that focuses on research and development in Pakistan.

A new generation of technology

3D Printing - Prototyping

Introducing the new and revolutionary technology first time ever in Pakistan, called 3D Printing. With this technology, we are able to over come the traditional machining techniques and produce a final product from scratch using absolutely no tooling, however with 3D printing each product is made by spreading molten plastic layer by layer on required areas to get the final product. A model is fed to the machine and after completion of the process the product can be removed as is.

So the product that is built using this technology can be used to make a mold for mass-production of the required product. Also this technique is basically used for prototyping products before mass-production. Architects can now view there buildings, bridges, skyscrapers in real-life using the same technology.

3D Printing - Trainings

Our main focus is to introduce this technology in Pakistan by conducting trainings, workshops and seminars, so that people (specially our new generations) can start thinking with a different approach of solving problem regarding manufacturing. We conduct these trainings for schools, colleges, universities and even companies. So that we can enhance our approach to make lives easier by 3D printing. This not only saves alot of time be decreases the cost of manufacturing by 90%.

In these workshops we bring along a 3D printer for display during the session. We demonstrate its working and we teach on how we can build an idea of something into a tangible product. So this includes Designing (in Solidworks v2016), and 3D printing itself during the session. We follow 4 simple steps:
Think it! --> Design it! --> Slice it! --> 3D Print it!
Send us your quries at: info@themak3rs.com oe visit our office.

Meet Our Team

Farrukh Kamran CEO
Farrukh Kamran

Founder, CEO and Managing Director

The Mak3rs (Pvt.) Limited
Muhammad Fraz

General Manager

The Mak3rs (Pvt.) Limited
Kamran Amin

Chief Secretary

The Mak3rs (Pvt.) Limited
Muhammad Faheem

Chief Finance Officer